Where We are One

Where We are One


The Where We are One collection is inspired by the feeling of community when gathered around the table with family, friends, and strangers. It's grounded in the notion that sharing a meal can bring you together as one even if only for a fleeting moment in time.

I feel most connected with my friends and family when we are taking the time out of our days to sit down together. It's a place where we can catch up, let loose and let our feelings flow. It can be a safe space for all, which is what I aim it to be in my house. 

I created these works to bring that feeling to your home. To add beauty and color to your space to make it feel more welcoming and warm. Each piece can fit a variety of styles and brings a feeling of togetherness to your kitchen or dining room. It is my hope for each of these pieces to be surrounded by love and connection in your home.

I'm excited to have created 20 unique pieces for this collection. Ten pieces showcase beautiful bold colors, that are sure to brighten every space that they hold. Each of these pieces also has a twin neutral piece, which is the same composition made with only one color, sepia. The neutral pieces were created on a tan paper to bring warmth to the contrast.

The works were created with oil pastels on paper, which brings a new layer of texture to your home. I have been inspired by the vibrant colors that pastels keep and the lovely different textures you can create with them. They have truly set my creativity on fire this year and I hope you can see that through this first body of work in 2023. 

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