Fields of Whimsy

Fields of Whimsy

Fields of Whimsy collection by Allie Burton

   The Fields of Whimsy collection is made up of 10 impressionist, oil pastel landscapes inspired by our ever changing days and seasons. Each piece is an impressionist take on flower fields, grounded in the beauty and life that flowers bring to our lives even as they change by the hour and season. 

   Change can be a beautiful part of our lives, that we sometimes tend to avoid or are afraid of. These flowers represent a beautiful way to look at change and to embrace it. I hope they remind you to let today be today because tomorrow holds even more. I hope they allow you to open your heart to the color and beauty that change can bring into our lives, even if there are growing pains that go along with it.
Fields of Whimsy - Allie Burton

   The whimsical nature of the flowers in these fields represent the ability to adapt and move as we are called. It’s a reminder to let loose and mindfully sway with the winds of change as they come.

   Each piece was created on a piece of unstretched canvas hand torn by myself. Acrylic was used to paint the background of these pieces and each color used in the background is representing the sky in a different time of day or season. I created more depth and texture in the pieces by painting the stems and leaves with oil pastels, making these pieces mixed media. 

   Each piece was mounted without a mat on ivory matboard and framed in a natural frame. My husband hand cut pine spacers that fit each frame to allow for more space between the painting and the glass, which is very important when working with oil pastels. 

fields of whimsy - gallery wall

I hope you have loved getting to know the inspiration and creation behind my Fields of Whimsy collection and I hope you find a piece that inspires you.

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