Collection Planning for Creatives

Collection Planning for Creatives

A blog about creative collection planning.

Artists this one is for you...

There is nothing I love more than a good planner. I crave the fresh, newness of a planner every year and love having all of my thoughts and tasks in an organized space. As an artist, I am always looking for ways to streamline my process and make things a little *prettier*. 

It's no secret that I love working in collections. It brings me so much joy to find a connection between my pieces and launch them along side each other. The planning that goes into a collection is exciting and satisfying, but I've always had a hard time keeping my ideas in one place. I'm always torn between a notebook of notes and ideas, a sketchbook of rough drafts, and my planner of expected dates.

That's where this comes in to help me and YOU!

Creative Collection planner

I'm so excited to release this collection planner for all you creatives out there! It will be available for a limited time for free by joining my email list and then it will be for sale on my site and Esty! It is so easy to download and get started! I have both printed and used the planner digitally on my iPad, making this process easy to take with you and keep your thoughts together!


You've receive a downloadable zip file that includes both a pdf and a jpeg version of the planner. The planner currently includes three pages: a page to plan over all details with some small sketches, a page with nine sketch boxes, and a page with a large sketch box and piece identifiers. Each page serves a different purpose with the first two being geared toward an overall overview and the third sketch page for more detailed ideas. 


By subscribing now, you will receive the planner as a downloadable pdf. You will be able to print or save to your device for future use! I have both printed and used within my Procreate and GoodNotes apps, and love using it both ways.

Make sure to hurry if you are interested! These will only be available to you for FREE for a limited time and I wouldn't want you to miss out on this great way to plan your future collections!

 Click HERE to get your planner!

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